Big Scioty Organization and Bylaws

Since 2009 Big Scioty has had an operating board and has offered yearly memberships to dancers. We also have bylaws to spell out how meetings and leadership is handled.


The money we receive for admissions at each dance falls quite short of our expenses (rent, talent fees, insurance, publicity, sound equipment, and supplies). This shortfall (around $200-$300 per dance) is made up partly by Winter WarmUp funds, but our membership dues also are needed. This extra cash allows us to hire a wide variety of talent so our dances stay lively and fun without having to raise admission prices.

Board Members:

Having board members spreads the workload of organizing the dance among several people (avoiding burnout and also making sure that more than one person knows what’s going on). All Big Scioty members are eligible to run for board membership and to vote on board members. Elections are held every year at our annual meeting (usually right before the first dance in October). Board terms are for one year. Here’s a list of our current board members and their positions. Three of the members have titles (talent, financial, and volunteer coordinator) and the other two are “members-at-large”. Members-at-large assist the other board members and generally have other duties that will depend on their skills. Board members can have assistance from within the board or outside - it’s pretty fluid. All other dance committees report to the board as needed.

Current board:

Richard Ades - Talent coordinator
Martha Shaw - Volunteer coordinator
Katrina Castergine - Treasurer
Ellie Nowels - Member at large

Any member who wishes to run for the board needs to submit their request (along with a short statement of their experience or other info they would like to share) to a board member at least 2 weeks before the annual meeting, so that info can be distributed. Want to help with the dance, but not be on the board, or have some ideas you want to share? Just chat with a board member!


Our bylaws (adopted in 2009 and revised in 2016) spell out how the dance and board are organized and provides procedures we can follow if problems arise.

Annual meeting

Our bylaws require an annual meeting with election of board members. We need a quorum of 10% of current members to make the vote official. We send out an agenda via email prior to the meeting of any items that will be discussed. Our treasurer always updates us on the regular dance and Winter WarmUp finances; other items that might be discussed might include ideas for publicity, recruiting new dancers, and more.

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