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Contra Dancing in Columbus Ohio

We have two dance series running in Central Ohio!

The Clintonville contra dance has been discontinued. The All Soles dance will feature some open calling dances.

Our merged color coded schedule follows!


Big Scioty Contra Dance
First Congregational Church
444 East Broad St. Columbus, OH 43215
Beginners' Contra Dance Instruction at 7:30 PM
Contra Dance 8:00-11:00 PM
Walk-ins $8.00, Members $7.00, Ages 12-26 $4.00
Children under 12 - Free


All Soles Contra Dance (link)
First Unitarian Universalist Church
93 W. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus OH 43214
Beginners' Contra Dance Instruction at 7:30 PM
Contra Dancing 8:00 to 10:30 PM
$8.00 Adults, $4.00 ages 12-24, Children under 12 Free,
Child care provided

Columbus Contra Dance Schedule

Summer 2018

Saturday August 18 All Soles
Kate Power calling with
The Sandy Tar Brothers

Autumn 2018

Friday September 14 All Soles
Stephanie Schlie and Dave Notman calling with

Saturday September 15 Big Scioty
Margaret Goodman calling with
The Ripples

Saturday October 6 Big Scioty
Dave Notman calling with
Boys of the Hock

Saturday October 20 Big Scioty
Darlene Underwood calling with

Friday October 26 All Soles
Sean Fenn calling with
The Timbre Wolves
Zesty Halloween Dance

Saturday November 3 Big Scioty
Kristen Planeaux calling with
Wizard Walk

Saturday November 17 Big Scioty
Josh Moses calling with
The Contrarians

Saturday November 24 All Soles
open mic for callers with

November 30 - December 2 Big Scioty
Winter Warmup 2018

Friday December 14 All Soles
Margaret Goodman calling with
Jeanie and the Dreamers

Winter 2018 - 2019

Saturday January 5 Big Scioty
Gaye Fifer calling with
Wild Rumpus

Friday January 11 All Soles
Jan Phillips calling with

Saturday January 19 Big Scioty
Kathy Anderson calling with

Saturday February 2 Big Scioty
Frank Buschelmann calling with
Strawberry Space Jam
Regular Dance and Late Night Techno Contra

Friday February 8 All Soles

Saturday February 16 Big Scioty
Jan Phillips calling with
The Sandy Tar Brothers

Saturday March 2 Big Scioty
Kim Thompson calling with
The Rosenthorns

Friday March 8 All Soles

Saturday March 16 Big Scioty
Stephanie Schlie calling with
The Ripples

Spring 2019

Saturday April 6 Big Scioty
Richard Ades calling with
Big Fun

Friday April 12 All Soles

Saturday May 4 Big Scioty
Andy Shewmon calling with
The Dreamers

Friday May 24 All Soles

Summer 2019

Saturday June 22 All Soles

Saturday July 27 All Soles
Summer Potluck

Saturday August 17 All Soles

Past Bookings at Big Scioty and All Soles

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