Big Scioty dancers


Big Scioty dancers are a community. We won’t let COVID keep us apart! Here are a few of our dancers, sending a virtual hello to their dancer friends, and sharing what they’ve been up to while we’ve been apart. Until we meet on the dance floor, stay safe and keep in touch! If you’d like to be included, send your photo and update to

Kelli Alexis Cronk

Schooling my first grader from home, making pizza, going grey, reading historical fiction (Phillipa Gregory!), sewing quilts and masks, running the archery/BB gun range for Cub Scouts, dreaming of dancing.

Ellie Nowels

I’ve been nurturing my inner naturalist by exploring nearby nature preserves, documenting some Olentangy River tributaries and ravines, taking time to sit and watch nature with my camera in hand, learning about native plants, appreciating the way we can still connect with each other in different ways especially in our own neighborhoods. People are so resilient and creative! I miss you all!


Mentally shave off the mustache and you may recognize Dave the Sound Guy.  Long story. Writing & cataloging fiddle tunes; cooking same-old same-old; spoiling the cats; bike rides; cussing computers; hanging in there.

Marilyn Fais

Walking, gardening, Zoom classes, walking, growing cantaloupe and vegetables, reading, Zoom meetings, more walking and playing gin rummy. Miss dancing and all the beautiful faces.

Richard Ades

While waiting to dance and call contra again, I’ve been walking, writing, playing piano, shooting archery, scraping wallpaper, learning gin rummy, losing at gin rummy, wearing a mask and voting.

Betsy McGee DeMichele

I began contra dancing on March 17th 2001. I am disheartened to realize I probably won’t be dancing on my 20th year anniversary. I have been trying to stay busy by working from home part time, focusing on my health, and being with my daughter as much as I can. 

Jonathan Kessler

Hello to everyone %^\ )  I so miss contra dancing and everyone’s very good company. I have long believed contra dancing is the most well-rounded happy “vitamin” one can take. These dance doldrums have elicited other tonics. All joys unto themselves…just different. Chess against myself, cutting stained glass, woodwork, painting, reading, walking and balance stuff, fixing, cooking, baking, art, writing, billiards, playing music, moving meditation, star gazing, throwing clay, throwing knives (it’s like playing darts) movies, feeding the birds, and interior design.
Joy the Day 🌀🌈🦋

Lou Stando

When I started dancing in 2001, I was always known as Betsy’s Dad. You may now refer to me as Lou if you choose. I have been trying to keep busy with gardening and visiting with my daughter and granddaughter when able. Eagerly awaiting the pandemic to be over so I can get back to playing bingo and euchre. And to possibly pop up for a dance or two.