Three musicians from Pittsburgh and one from Athens will provide the tunes at Saturday’s Big Scioty dance. Known as Devilish Merry, the band produces a layered, driving sound that improvises on traditional and contemporary forms of Appalachian and Celtic music. The dances will be provided by Jan Phillips, a busy caller and organizer who recently agreed to honcho Columbus’s other contra series, All Soles.

Whether you’re trying contra for the first time or the 1,000th time, we hope you’ll come and join us! Admission is $8 ($7 for members), $4 ($3) for ages 12-26, free for children under 12.  

EARLY NOTICE: Our March 16 dance will feature the calling of Stephanie Schlie and what could well be the last Big Scioty appearance of the Ripples. (Two members are moving to New England, leaving the band’s future in doubt.) If you’re planning to attend—and really, why wouldn’t you?—we hope you’ll arrive a little early for our annual meeting. 


Besides a discussion of how Big Scioty has been doing and of possible ways to make it better, the agenda will include two crucial matters: board elections and a suggested bylaw change designed to preserve a safe and welcoming atmosphere at our dances. Richard Reichard has already indicated his interest in joining the board and has turned in a statement explaining why. Copies of both his statement and the proposed bylaw change will be available at the next two dances. 

Are you a Big Scioty member who’s also interested in joining the board? If so, please contact Ellie Nowels at In order to be considered, you will be asked to write up a brief statement explaining why and submit it in time to be distributed at the March 2 dance. The annual meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 16. Please note: Though everyone is welcome to take part in the meeting, voting is restricted to current Big Scioty members.